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All practitioners are bound by their ethical guidelines and accrediting bodies. All will be in professional supervision for their work. Please check with individual therapists if you would like more information about their training and qualifications. You will find individual contact details for each therapist at the end of their entry.

Our Practitioners. Miriam Beck

Miriam Beck

I have particular experience in helping clients understand their low mood, anxiety, lack of motivation and stress allowing you to start along the path of recovery with increased emotional resilience.

An initial phone call (07977248409) or e-mail discussion ([email protected]) will allow you to tell me why you are considering counselling and ask questions. If you decide you would like to meet after this then the first paid session will include the following:

– Explanation of confidentiality and fees.
– I will ask about any previous counselling you may have had and whether you found it helpful or not and why.
– I will share some information about the way that I work and the counselling process.
– Opportunity for you to ask further questions.
– Conversation about what you are going through and what you would like to change.
– At the end of the session we can reflect on how you found it and whether you think future sessions might be useful for you.
– I charge for the first session – there is absolutely no obligation to continue therapy with me and you do not have to decide there and then.

I have worked with a number of different counselling organisations; counselling clients of all ages with a range of presenting issues. I have also worked as a support group facilitator. I currently work with undergraduates and post graduates at the University of Bath alongside my private practice. Please see my website below for further information.

07977 248409
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. StuartCrossman

Stuart Crossman

I’m an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, offering a safe, supportive place to talk about your difficulties and concerns.
People come to see me for many different reasons, my approach is to take time to focus on what’s important for you as an individual.
Initially we’ll consider what’s bringing you to therapy and whether you feel we can work together; the quality of the relationship between therapist and client has an important part to play.
It’s not uncommon to feel anxious or unsure about taking the first step, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns in confidence.

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice (University of Roehampton)
Qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (WPF Therapy)
Certificate in Counselling Skills (WPF Therapy)
BPC & FPC Registered
My background is in creative arts and the charity sector, in housing, homelessness, learning disabilities and with young people.

07968 803962
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. AliBinns

Ali Binns

I work as a cognitive behavioural therapist and use an integrative CBT approach, drawing on approaches such as compassion focused therapy, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and mindfulness.

My special interest area is in helping people to manage anxiety problems, such as general anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, health anxiety and phobias. People say I have a friendly and relaxed approach, and my aim is to help you feel at home as soon as possible to explore whatever is troubling you.

My approach is tailored to you as an individual, so we can work towards your personal goals. Along the way my aim is to help you to develop awareness of how unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving can be impacting on how you feel and how you can use this awareness to make changes and help yourself to move towards the things that matter to you in life.

I’m an accredited member of the National Counselling Society. As such I am committed to safe and ethical practice and keeping my work up to date with continuing professional development.

07898 992010
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. Paul Deaton

Paul Deaton

Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Sometimes we need help in our journeys to find out who we really are; a different perspective from friends and family, someone who won’t react to what we say, and offer what ‘they think’ responses. Someone who can offer us a ‘confidential space’ that we can use with confidence; in busy daily lives this often feels lacking.

Therapy can offer this space to re-evaluate what is happening, what one wants and who one is. Talking to someone can make a real difference when we may have become stuck, directionless, depressed or caught in negative relationships or situations that seem beyond our control. It can help us understand what we really feel and can help us work out where we need to go.

I offer humanistic, psychodynamic based integrative therapy; working both in the short term, identifying specific problems or the longer term, which offers the chance, with support to make real changes. Areas include depression, anxiety, illness, illness recovery, low self-esteem, relationship patterns, parental issues, addictions, bereavement and questions of meaning & purpose.

I am in advanced training at BCPC, Bath, (accredited by both BACP & UKCP). Have a first class degree in psychology, an MLiTT in creative writing and two decades of experience in mental health; the charity sector and the NHS. Additionally I run creative writing workshops.

0777 9539869
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. SheilaField

Sheila Field

Sheila is a psychotherapist and counsellor with more than fifteen years' experience, in London and East Sussex before coming to Bath in 2014. She is registered and accredited by UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) and UK Assn of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (UKAHPP.)

After a background in higher education, Sheila did six years’ training in Humanistic, mainly Gestalt, psychotherapy, at Spectrum Training in North London, qualifying in 2005. She has also done additional courses in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Sex Therapy, Addictions counselling and Couples’ counselling.

While Sheila has experience in working with all kinds of abuse, one of her specialisms is in working with survivors of domestic abuse, having worked for campaigning and advice organisations in this field.

She is particularly interested in the effects of anxiety, including OCD on daily lives; in trauma and post-traumatic stress; and depression.

She works face-to-face short-term and long-term with individuals and couples, for counselling and/or mentoring and psychotherapy. "Couples" can mean two people, married or otherwise, in an intimate relationship, or siblings, or close friends.

Apart from her practice at Bath Psychotherapy, Sheila also works from a practice room in Larkhall, in the north of Bath. (see website)

07732 015 815
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. Sharon Charlton Thomson

Sharon Charlton Thomson

Making the choice to come into therapy takes courage, Those who choose to do their inner work create possibilities for their own growth and healing, I believe that we don’t have to be constricted by our pasts or live a life anxious about our futures; the more self-awareness we cultivate the more choice we create for how we want to live our lives.

I have over twenty years of experience in working with individuals, families and couples as a coach and a therapist. My practice is informed by many years of experience and training.

I have trained in working with couples, children, and families. I am informed in my family work by DDP principles; trained with Jill Gabriel in working with couples and am currently a senior student training at the Karuna Institute in Core Process Psychotherapy which teaches a leading edge therapy that integrates Buddhist and Western psychology, neurobiology and mindfulness. It is a contemplative approach to therapy helping to bring awareness to the unconscious aspects of ourselves, the stuff that can have us feel most stuck.

I work with compassion, integrity, warmth, and compassion. And am experienced in working with developmental trauma, anxiety, stress, and relationship problems. I am passionate about my own continued learning and in service of all of my clients bring what I learn to my work.

07801 827974
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. Rachael Cannon

Rachael Cannon

Rachael is a Relational Integrative Counsellor and has successfully built up her private practice in Bath over the past ten years. Alongside this venture, she has also acquired extensive experience within the field of mental health support, working with a Wellbeing Department within the higher education sector, and has previously worked with Cruse Bereavement Care, Bath and Bristol.

Rachael now provides counselling services to adults, offering both short and long term working relationships. Her vast and varied experience enables her to work with people from all walks of life with a wide range of different issues. Using her relational approach, Rachael will work with you to encourage understanding, facilitate insight, explore your hopes and expectations to identify the changes you might like to introduce to make your life look like how you want it to look.

Rachael is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This means she is committed to working with you in a way that is professional, ethical and respectful. She also likes to support community based and collaborative working through her membership with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Private Practice (CAPPP).

07915 154995

Our Practitioners. Kim Liversidge

Kim Liversidge

I am an experienced UKCP reg MA Psychotherapist. I seek to provide a space for you where you can, through the process of dialogue, consider your needs and your concerns in your relationships and life. Unresolved relational difficulties in our families of origin might manifest in many various symptoms, a sense of deep unhappiness, anxiety, loneliness, low self-confidence at work or in relationships. The process, as you can imagine, takes time as you discover what you need to enable you to create a life that feels meaningful to you.
People often seek therapy in desperation, yet find, as well as gaining initial relief from painful symptoms, it slowly becomes a chosen activity adding vitality and support to your life.
I have a particular interest in Complex PTSD and am engaged in researching contemporary theories and have also published articles on the subject.
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. Grant Morris

Grant Morris

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist in training with BCPC and am currently in my fifth year of training towards a Masters Degree in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.

We all face difficulties at some point in our lives. Often it is challenging to face these difficulties alone. At these times it can sometimes be necessary to ask for support from someone outside of our circle of family or friends such as a therapist.

I am committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which together we can explore difficult or complex thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing. I aim to bear witness to how it is and what it means to be you in the context of your life. I take a person-centred relational approach to therapy, at the heart of which is the relationship between therapist and client. I believe that nobody knows what is best for you more than you do. My aim is to meet you fully and empathically -as you are. I will work together with you; helping you to explore, work through and make sense of any difficulties that you may be facing in life, aiming to assist you in finding new ways of relating to yourself, to others and to the world, and move towards healing and a sense of wholeness.

07540 929380

Our Practitioners. Self portrait

Laura Keyte

Laura is a psychotherapist and the founder member of the Abbey Practice and George Street Therapy Rooms. She is a senior practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in the field. As well as a full private practice Laura was Head of Training at Wessex Counselling Service and taught at Bath Spa University and Wiltshire College.

Laura is particularly interested in, and experienced with, working with childhood trauma, experiences of bullying, the impact of Asperger's and autism on individuals and families, and experiences of anxiety.

Laura originally trained with Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling as an integrative psychotherapist. She developed her psychoanalytic interests and perspective in her work at Wessex Counselling Service and is also a registered member of the British Association of Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Supervisors.

078 5505 2986
[email protected]

Our Practitioners. Rupert Taverner

Rupert Taverner

Rupert is a qualified and accredited psychotherapist with extensive training and experience in a number of different therapeutic approaches. This experience enables him to offer a flexible and responsive approach that can be adapted to changing needs as therapy progresses. He sees children, young people and adults on an individual basis as well as working with couples and families.

Rupert trained as a Family Systemic Psychotherapist (Family Therapist) over 15 years ago and subsequently as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT). He has additional training, experience and interest in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Rupert worked for many years within the NHS and has extensive experience of working with children, young people, adults, couples and families across the whole range of life challenges. He has a particular interest and experience in working with anxiety, low mood and depression, eating disorders, work related stress, couples counselling and relationship difficulties, divorce and separation issues, parenting and step parenting challenges as well as school related issues.

Tel: 07891148242
Email: [email protected]

Our Practitioners. Phillipa Bruce

Phillipa Bruce

I am a qualified BACP registered Counsellor providing short and long term counselling to individuals in the Bath and Bradford on Avon area. I offer a confidential, caring, respectful non judgemental space where you can be exactly how you need to be – a safe equal space between client and therapist where we can explore together the things that are troubling you and what you’d like to change and understand about your life.

Sometimes things happen in life that cause us to feel powerless , lost, bad about ourself, sad, confused or alone. Being in conflict or pain can be the breaking of the shell of our understanding , the place that we thought we knew. But at the same time this discomfort can give us the opportunity to take a new look at whats happening and why we are at that place within ourself, maybe a crossroads, a chance to change, a new view. At times like this, having counselling, someone to talk to and hear you, support you to understand, express and experience your feelings, can be incredibly helpful toward a greater understanding of yourself and what’s going on in your life and your relationships . My goal is to help you manage and understand what feels difficult and to feel well and happy within your life, to feel good about yourself, your relationships and your choices.

In my work I draw on my training and what you bring of your own experiences in life, together finding and mapping a way forward that suits you. Together we can find your fertile ground, within which you can feel nurtured, grow and flourish.

0772 9296679
[email protected]

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